Te Ruapekapeka Trust

Ruapekapeka Pā and Battlefield is of huge importance to Northland Māori. In the past, the government agencies charged with looking after the site have failed to listen to the voices of Māori. This began to change in 1980s, when iwi representatives were appointed to the now defunct Bay of Islands Maritime and Historic Park Board. One of the representatives to serve upon this board was Sir James Henare, a well-known Ngāpuhi leader of the mid 20th century. In the late 1980s and early 1990s Northland Māori formed a committee specifically focussed upon the care of the Ruapekapeka Historic Reserve. Many people volunteered their time to serve upon the committee, including Raumoa Kawiti, Graham Rankin, Athol Wilson, Ben Kake and Joyce Baker.

Te Ruapekapeka Trust logo. Te Ruapekapeka Trust logo

Te Ruapekapeka Trust1 (TRT) was born in 1994 after Northland iwi/hapu held three important hui (meetings). TRT has a clear mandate to participate in the governance of Ruapekapeka Historic Reserve, on behalf of Northland Māori. This marked the beginning of a true partnership between Māori and DOC with regard to Ruapekapeka Pā and Battlefield. The first major achievement was the development of visitor facilities, a complex project, which would have been impossible without an overriding spirit of co-operation. DOC and TRT formalised their relationship in 2012 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, October 2012. Alistair Drake (DOC), Ripeka Taipari (TRT Chairperson), Allan Halliday, Te Raa Nehua and Raumoa Kawiti (Trustees).

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, October 2012. Alistair Drake (DOC), Ripeka Taipari (TRT Chairperson), Allan Halliday, Te Raa Nehua and Raumoa Kawiti (Trustees).

Photo: Department of Conservation

TRT has regular meetings, which are open to the public, although speaking rights are at the discretion of the chairperson. Representatives of DOC attend and participate in these meetings. Trustees are nominated by an iwi or hapu, and it is their job to report back to the people they represent. Annual General Meetings are held, where new trustees can be elected.

The trustees have prepared a Strategic Plan which identifies iwi and hapu aspirations for Ruapekapeka Pā and Battlefield. The purpose of the strategic plan is to provide a framework for management decisions and to inspire detailed development planning. Looking forward, TRT is perfectly placed to shape the future of Ruapekapeka Pā and Battlefield.

Notes from a Strategic Planning Workshop.

Notes from a Strategic Planning Workshop.

Photo: Department of Conservation

Current Trustees (August 2013):

Chairperson: Peene Henare
Vice Chairperson: Willow-Jean Prime
Johnson Davis
Allan Halliday
Michelle Jessop
Te Pora Kauwhata
Ken Kawiti
Raumoa Kawiti
Te Ra Nehua

Strategic Documents

Te Ruapekapeka Deed of Trust October 2012 (PDF, 183K)

Ruapekapeka Strategic Plan 2011 (PDF, 1,212K)

Memorandum of Understanding between Te Ruapekapeka Trust and the Department of Conservation (PDF, 2,492K) 

Concession Document (Guiding Permit) Te Ruapekapeka Pa Management Trust NO-26266-GUI (PDF, 80K)

1 Te Ruapekapeka Trust was originally called The Ruapekapeka Pa Management Trust